Free Mood Scanner

Free Mood Scanner 1.3

Discover your personality by scanning your thumb


  • Can be a fun way to prank your friends if the result happens to be accurate


  • Doesn't actually read the thumb
  • Poor design
  • No way back to the initial screen without restarting the app

Not bad

Free Mood Scanner is an Android app that scans your thumb and reads your mood and personality from it.

Simply hold your thumb down in the box on screen, wait a few seconds, and choose whether you want Free Mood Scanner to analyze your personality or your mood. The app will then display a description of what you're like as a person, or a word to describe how you're feeling today (complete with emoticon).

Of course, even the latest mobile phones aren't really able to measure your personality and mood just by scanning your thumb. So, Free Mood Scanner is strictly just for fun. The personality types and moods it generates are completely random.

The implementation of the Free Mood Scanner app isn't that great. There's no design consistency between the different screens, and there's no way of getting back to the initial scanning screen without exiting the app and starting again.

Free Mood Scanner is a fun way to prank a friend into thinking your phone can read their psyche, and sometimes the personality or mood the app 'reads' are quite accurate. But not many people will fall for the trick in Free Mood Scanner, and the novelty of the app wears off pretty quickly.

Free Mood Scanner


Free Mood Scanner 1.3

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